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Sougata Roy Chowdhury

Considered to be among the most talented sarode players of his generation, his abilities on his instrument showcase his deep respect for the tradition combined with world class tallim (training) and dedicated riyaz (practice). Sougata’s sensibility to express the deepest nuances of music moves audiences around the world to truly feel the essence of the Ragas and his sincere emotional expression.

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Raga Yaman • Alap

Beautiful performance of Alap in Raga Yaman.

Johnston, Kinvara, Ireland • 2008.

Raga Shree • Tintaal

Stunning performance with Latif Khan on Tabla.

Le Grand Parquet, Paris • 29th May 2013 

Raga Kaunshi Kanada & Raga Chandranandan

Intimate early morning performance with Debajyoti Sanyal

Tollygunge Mehfil, Kolkata • 3rd February 2013

Guru Lineage



Miyan Tansen

Ustad Wazir Khan

Ustad Dabir Khan

Ustad Allaudin Khan

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan

Prof. Santosh Banerjee

Sri Dyanesh Khan

Appreciation for Sougata

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